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Why I want to continue postgraduate studies? What’s the good and bad things, if we continue postgraduate studies?

Actually I have long time want to continue postgraduate studies, but there are some problems that I experienced them : the time has not been possible to continue postgraduate studies, the power also can not allow me to continue the study, the costs also affect the delay in graduate study. Now I am compelled to continue their postgraduate studies, due to gain insight into science as much as possible, according to the words of the prophet Muhammad SAW: Moslem and moslemah must begin their studies from baby to death, demand knowledge to China. In addition, I also encouraged by the developments today that require us are required to have expertise and capabilities of science should be higher than we have today. I also do not dismiss that with a person who has a science degree will be appointed by Allah SWT. Of course, we are determined to continue with postgraduate studies, there will be barriers and obstacles to be faced include: time, effort, and cost that would seize me. But with the capital genuine and sincere, all will be resolved smoothly and well. Hopefully.

Power will be used, when we should rest on Saturday and Sunday when we carry out postgraduate studies.

Time will be much taken with the increasing work in relation to the tasks that we will experience in the graduate.

The cost was only to meet the family risk, will now be divided into two parts, namely for the family and studies.


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