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My name is Irwan Ridwan. I was born at Jakarta, 11 December 1974. I live at Cibeureum Tasikmalaya City. I am married and have two children. The first daugther and the other boy. Her age is 8 years and his age is 4 years.
I am a teacher at SMKN Manonjaya Tasikmalaya for Information Technology Departement. I teach Computer Engineering and Networking. I have been teaching there about 2 years.
I’ve studied for 6 years in elementary or primary school, 3 years in yunior high school, 3 years in senior high and 5 years for S1. My education background is computer science. And now I am studying at Galuh University’s Pascasarjana.
This is the reason, why I continue to study at Pascasarjana.
Education is an investment for long-term life. education investment gives the return value is higher than the physical investment in other areas. The return value of education is the ratio between the total cost incurred to finance education with a total revenue to be obtained after one pass and enter the world of work.
investment in education has many functions in addition to the technical-economic functions of social-humanitarian functions, and functions of educational.
Socio-humanitarian function refers to the contribution of education to human development and social relations at various levels of different social.
Education helps students learn how to learn and help teachers how to teach. The general opinion says that the more educated the better one’s social status and respect communities of people who were better educated than the less educated. Educated people are expected to use his thoughts are oriented on long-term interests.


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